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GSE Information Technology

Student Computer Labs

Access to Labs

The Student Computer Lab is located in Room 125 at the Graduate Education Building. The lab is only available to currently enrolled Penn GSE students using their PennCard. If you have an active GSE student affiliation and your card does not allow you access to the room, please contact facilities manager Terence Newby (GEB Room 002).

These machines run both Windows and MacOS X. To use any lab computer or kiosk, login with your PennKey.

General Lab Policies

  • The lab should be a quiet workplace.
  • Eating, drinking, and smoking are not permitted.
  • Users are responsible for picking up after themselves.
  • No duplication of copyrighted software is allowed.
  • Users are not allowed to install their own software or make changes to setup of lab machines without prior arrangement with an IT staff member
  • Users will need to save their personal files to their own removable media (USB drive, etc).
  • Talking on cell phones in the lab is strictly prohibited.