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GSE Information Technology

Multimedia Services

GSE is proud to offer advanced video and multimedia services and equipment to students, faculty, and staff. We host an array of video and computer equipment to help you enhance your work and study at GSE. Staff members are available on appointment Monday through Friday from 9:30am-5pm. Our video staff personnel is sometimes out on location doing project work, so please contact us in advance.

Reserving Equipment

GSE students may reserve cameras and tripods or other resources for shooting their classrooms, transfer their video between formats, easily create DVDs, or get help converting video for the web or a PowerPoint presentation. A full listing of our available equipment can be found here.

To reserve equipment, please send us an email.

*We ask that those looking to borrow equipment make their reservation at least 3 days in advance.

Shooting Events & Other Services

Faculty and staff can request that GSE IT shoot important events, convert videos from tapes to DVDs, create multimedia presentations or edit video for classroom or case study use. We will accommodate requests to the availability of our staff and resources.

The GSE IT Staff is also available by appointment to assist with any projects or studies that could benefit from video or multimedia enhancement and to help convert video tape into more useful formats like CD-R, or DVD-R. Please contact us for more information.